Rust Protection

MR 15 - How It Works

mr15 environmentally friendly

The MR 15 Advanced Corrosion System is patented and provides 100% coverage of all grounded sheet metal surfaces. Salt and pollutants combine with water and humidity to create a substance similar to diluted battery acid. When this acid comes in contact with metal, an electrical imbalance causes rust to occur. The MR 15 System will protect your car from perforation corrosion from the inside out and the outside in by drastically reducing the rate at which rust occurs.

The MR 15 Advanced Corrosion System provides an artificial barrier of electrons to restore the electrical imbalance that occurs at potential rust sites. These electrons reinforce those areas where the metal has been exposed to the elements and inhibits the rate of the corrosion process. The performance of the MR 15 system is further enhanced when combined with Elite Environmental Paint Protection which contains a conductive component that allows the impressed electrons generated by the anodes to flow more evenly through the vehicle and subsequently assists the electronic corrosion device in its performance.

The device is designed to enrich the metal with electrons provided by the power of the vehicle's battery. The amount of current used is equivalent to what is used by a quartz clock that is installed in most new vehicles today. Utilizing this small amount of energy is done in the circuit design of the unit's main module. The unit is dipped in a liquid epoxy for complete moisture resistance. The module is comprised of a power generating and regulating circuit with two anode connection sites, hard wired to the vehicle's body. These locations are generally under the hood in the engine bay of the vehicle on opposing sides. There is no better rust protection for your vehicle.